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May 24, 2022



Class News: Our Field Trip to the Manitoba Museum will be on June 15. All permission slips must be handed in on June 6.

This Wednesday, our grade 4s will be involved in the Home Alone course which is is designed to provide children 10 years of age and older with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied.

Ticks are now very active in our area. Please remind your child to always check for them.  Here is information from Manitoba Health that explains how to deal with ticks.

math In Math, we will be reviewing the facts for multiplying 6 with an assessment on Friday. Students are expected to develop an understanding of basic multiplication facts to 9 × 9 and related division facts. Recall of the multiplication and related division facts up to 5 x 5 is expected by the end of Grade 4. In grade 3, students are to demonstrate an understanding of multiplication to 5 × 5 and the related division facts.


In ELA we are learning about persuasive writing. It is a type of writing where students give their opinions and arguments to convince others, backed up with evidence. Here is a video that explains it. 


canadagameIn Social Studies we are studying the physical geography of Manitoba and Canada, including the political boundaries and geographic regions of Canada. This gives students a chance to learn more about their country. We hope to create a photo centre with pictures (e.g., photos from family vacations, calendar pictures, travel brochures…) illustrating the physical geography and geographic regions of Canada. If you have any pictures or souvenirs that you can share, please either send them with your child or email me the pictures.

In Science, we are learning about the forces that act without direct contact: gravity, magnetism, and static electricity. 


model bridge We spent a lot of time designing and building our model bridges as part of our Science unit on materials and structures. Here is the video of our testing results. 

thanks It was very enjoyable to meet with parents over this past Parent-Teacher conference. For those who could not make it, I am available anytime for a phone conference so please text or email me with your time and date.

I will be posting some invention challenges from The Little Inventors site which encourages students the opportunity to develop and showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills, build their confidence, and curiosity. Our first challenge is: Can you create a trap to catch the Easter bunny? Text or email me your drawings along with a description of what it is made of and what it does. I will post your pictures and explanations on our Blog.



thanks I would like to say how impressed I was with the students who participated in our remote learning week. They were very attentive and hard working during this time. When we ran into microphone problems, they showed amazing patience and carefully followed my fix up instructions. They deserve a big pat on the pack for their time spent. As well, I would like to compliment you, the parents for helping out with your child’s time online. You also did an amazing job. I am so lucky to have you as parents involved in their child’s learning.


xmas2 We talked about what the real meaning of Christmas is and here is our slideshow to show our thoughts 


hallow2021 Check out our Halloween costume parade slideshow.

pumpkins Be sure to see our scary pumpkins!


beanplants Have a look at our bean plants, now fully grown.

We were examining flowers and locating the various parts of a flower. Then we sketched our observations..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our school goal this year is to improve our critical thinking in all aspects  of school life. In Math we have been helped by Ms. Maxwell to improve  our solving of Math problems. In ELA we have been practicing Would You Rather  exercises  where students are given a choice and then must explain why they picked that choice. An example — Would you rather play in summer or in winter and why?

In ELA students were introduced to how to plan and outline stories. They learned about the elements of a story and how to improve them by adding action verbs and sensory words. They watched videos that helped explain them in an easy way to understand how this process works. As we continue on, students will be learning how to edit and revise their story drafts. 

gratitude We have spent time talking about gratitude and why it is so important. In Art, students thought about and created a Thanksgiving gratitude turkey where they wrote about the people who they were grateful for. These posters went home as part of their Thanksgiving contributions. Be sure to watch our slideshow. In addition, students made little mini posters about what and who they were thankful for and were put up in our hallway bulletin boards for all to see and reflect upon.


bean plants Check out our bean plants as we recorded our observations on Oct. 5.

take action See our Take Action video for the children of the Residential Schools.

kaya sign Kaya posted this sign at her house to remind everyone.

We wanted to remind everyone to remember the students of the Residential Schools by writing a message on the playground pads. See our slideshow.


Learning how to draw a Thunderbird following Norval Morrisseau’s style.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



seesaw Every beginning of the week I will be posting new activities on Seesaw which connect to what we are doing in the classroom. I encourage parents to have a look at your child’s assignments and give them comments. It really boosts their self-esteem.

school calendar Be sure to check out our link for the 2021-2022 Sunrise School Calendar link.


epic If your child is using Epic, our class code when logging on is mmr5127

remindlogo For all new parents, I use a communication app called Remind that is fast and private to get in contact with me. Just go to and follow the instructions. You will need to download the Remind app which is free and available for both Android and Iphone devices. If you don’t have a smartphone then text the message @f0255d to the number (204) 813-5871. You can also go to on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.

One of the best ways to find out if an app is worth it is to go to Common Sense Media which is a site that helps families make smart media choices.

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